Self Fucking Appreciation Post: I am Evette and I am fucking beautiful. I have come so fucking far, alive, breathing and kicking, and FIGHTING for where I am right now in this very moment. I am a goddamn plus size warrior princess. I love me. As I damn right should.


shoutout to me for still not having my driver’s license

20 years old and still not driving. \m/

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Answering back to my dads voicemails from last year while I play them on repeat.

No I’m not ok

I think something ugly has finally been created in me. Today I had the thought to hit on a married man with a child to see if he would go for it. Then beat him till hospitalized. I think I need help.







Oh, man. They’re advertising their glasses for men the way anything ever is advertised for women. I’m not sure whether to be aroused, annoyed, or pleased.

aroused, definitely.

annoyed, definitely.

pleased, definitely. 

god bless

This ad worked on me. I would definitely buy glasses from them.

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X Amount of Words, Blue October


and always be with you

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